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Total Segmentator
v2.0. Cost per launch: USD
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Tool for segmentation of over 117 classes in CT images. It was trained on a wide range of different CT images (different scanners, institutions, protocols,...) and therefore should work well on most images. A large part of the training dataset can be downloaded from Zenodo (1228 subjects). You can also try the tool online at

This tool is offered as it is. It will compact the output parameters in a single file and include statistics and radiomics as separate files.


For more details see our Radiology AI paper (freely available preprint). If you use this tool please cite it as follows

Wasserthal, J., Breit, H.-C., Meyer, M.T., Pradella, M., Hinck, D., Sauter, A.W., Heye, T., Boll, D., Cyriac, J., Yang, S., Bach, M., Segeroth, M., 2023. TotalSegmentator: Robust Segmentation of 104 Anatomic Structures in CT Images. Radiology: Artificial Intelligence.

Please also cite nnUNet since TotalSegmentator is heavily based on it. Moreover, we would really appreciate it if you let us know what you are using this tool for. You can also tell us what classes we should add in future releases. You can do so here.

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