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IB Lab JSx
v1.0. Cost per launch: 47.67 USD

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[en] IB Lab JSx™ – Knee Joint Space Width/Area Assessments and Osteoarthritis scoring based on Kellgren & Lawrence The IB Lab JSx™ provides standardized joint space width measurement and Kellgren and Lawrence Scoring from AP-Knee Radiographs. The product yields objective information that can be used for long-term monitoring, as well as the Kellgren & Lawrence-risk assessment (KL grading) of osteoarthitis by qualified medical professionals. The knee-joint gap is measured automatically on the medial and lateral side and the patented analysis (US20160302749A1) provides reproducibility across patients or timepoints. Furthermore, the product proposes scores for joint-space width, osteophytes, sclerosis and deformity, the individual parameters used for Osteoarthritis scoring based on KL grading. Features in IB Lab JSx™:

  • Reproducible image grading and quick standardized analysis

  • Better patient communication by automatic report generation, see sample here: Link

  • Outputs KL-score and sub-scores (Joint-space width, Sclerosis, Osteophytes, Deformation) as well as Joint space width/area measurements

  • Patient information, along medical findings can be collected in reports, which can be archived in various formats (DICOM-pdf, DICOM-SR, DICOM-GSPS).

  • Ground truth is based on 20.000+ image studies of multiple US-clinics. We used consent diagnosis of three individual certified radiologists on each Knee-AP X-rays.

  • Supports digital single or Bilateral PA/AP Fixed Flexion Knee X-rays of patients aged 25 years or older

Posters AAOS 2018 and EULAR 2018: Link

Flyer: Link

Assisting input standartization: Link

Sample images: Link

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