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Hippocampal Volumetry
v1.0. Cost per launch: 13.13 USD

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[en] Hippocampal Volumetry Segmentation of both hippocampi using the software FreeSurfer. Data analysis: FreeSurfer ( is a free software package developed at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, which can be used for measuring various morphometric properties of the brain including the hippocampi. The FreeSurfer segmentation process involves the following steps: Motion correction, affine transformation to Talairach image space (12 degrees of freedom), non-uniform intensity normalization for intensity inhomogeneity correction and the removal of non-brain tissues. After that, an intensity normalization step is applied to the brain volume to match the FreeSurfer atlas intensity histogram, followed by a non-linear warping of the atlas image to the subject brain image. The warped atlas image (in the subject image space) is used for the atlas-based tissue segmentation to labeling the different subcortical structures; in this particular case, the hippocampus. This process requires a high quality T1-weighted image. More technical details of these procedures are available in: Inputs: T1 3D: T1-weighted 3D structural image for segmentation of both hippocampi. Outputs: Subcortical segmentation: Segmentation of the hippocampi obtained with FreeSurfer. Volumetry Report: Report with the volumetry of both hippocampi. Measurements like Hippocampal_Volume/GreyMatter_Volume or Hippocampal_Volume/ICV are provided. Volume Measurements: Measurements of the hippocampal volumetry in a CSV file.

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