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DeltaT1 Mapping
v1.0. Cost per launch: USD
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[en] DeltaT1 Mapping generated by IB Delta Suite v2.0 IB Delta Suite™ software analyzes conventional MR images and performs a variety of common and practical operations. For instance, pre– and post-contrast T1-wt. images can be co-registered, standardized, and subtracted to create Delta T1 (dT1) maps. dT1 maps are sensitive to subtle contrast enhancement on post-contrast T1-wt. images and selectively ignores blood products that enhance on pre-contrast T1-wt. images. Thus, dT1 maps aid in automatic detection of tumor regions free of blood products which is becoming increasingly useful in longitudinal analysis of patients treated with anti-angiogenic agents. In addition to separating blood products from tumor, dT1 maps enable easy, convenient visualization of post-surgical residual tumor. Key Features of IB Delta Suite™ • Multiple registration algorithms to register inter- and intra- study MR scans (pwi, dwi) • Exclusive standardization algorithm that allows quantitative comparison between different studies regardless of scanner, field strength, patient, or time point • Delta T1 Map generation which gives quick and easy detection of true enhancing regions • All calculations are done with the push of simple and intuitive buttons • New calculated images are automatically exported as new DICOM series and can be easily pushed to a PACS • Automatic report generation in form of a DICOM series that can be exported IB plug-ins are designed to be compliant with healthcare standards such as DICOM and can be conveniently integrated with ease and speed into existing medical image visualization applications ranging from simple stand-alone workstations to sophisticated, PACS, CAD, MR, and IMRT systems.

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